Thursday, October 13, 2011

Build a Better Blog

We had a strong learning session today at Go Durham to tune up our blogging skills.  Thanks to everyone who contributed!  A few thoughts to share with you as we continue forward in blogging:

  • Have a Strategy: What does your audience want to hear?  Always keep them in mind as you select topics, determine your style, and write the post.  Content must be relevant, engaging, and personal
  • Make a List:  Think Go90x.  Always keep a list of increasing topics for your next posts.  The ideas will pop in your mind as you go through your business activities; make sure you have a system to capture them at that moment instead of forgetting them later. 
  • Set a Time: two appointments each week with your blogger - YOU!  Be fanatical about it.  Write 2-4 posts each week, and post at least 2 each week.  
  • Know Your Gadgets: Blogger has a whole bunch of cool tools to personalize your site.  Above all make sure you have the subscribe button. 
  • Incorporate Video: yep, video.  Film 'em and post 'em. Instead of writing two posts a week, make one of them a video. Every week. Really, Jenn, you can. 
  • Take it in bites:  Avoid blog overload.  No more than 90 minutes at a time. Consistent effort is much more effective than big bursts followed by weeks of silence.  Think marathon; steady pace. 
We are building a powerful collective of bloggers and resources.  We've done great work, but the best writing and results are ahead of us.