Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome Aboard!

Selling your company is a big decision.  A place in which you have invested your self, your life, and tremendous effort is hard to let go. With Will's decision to sell 1st Signal to Go Realty, we acknowledge the work and personal investment he made in building that company.   Will's passion for taking care of clients, doing business better and differently really appeal to us.  Will, thanks for joining our team, and we are excited that Robyn and Tammy are coming along with you.  We all look forward to a successful integration into the team at Go Cary. 

In addition, Will's new career will be an opportunity to expand our service to all of our clients.  As an agent of Ameriprise, Will is available to help with financial planning for both our agents and clients.   We will have more details and opportunities to come in the weeks ahead as Will, Robyn, and Tammy settle in.  Thanks to Robyn for joining us in the Go Show a few hours before starting her vacation.  Tammy is already righting an offer for her clients!  We welcome you all and thanks for trusting your carers with us