Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Set Up Your Fall Campaign

What do you mean: plan my fall marketing campaign?  I am still struggling with replies to last week's e-mail!  Plan my marketing for November?  Yeah, riiiiiight.   

As agents it is very easy to feel this way about planning anything, especially a marketing campaign.  Consider the benefits from charting your steps for the 4thQtr:
  • Creating a well-crafted message that moves your prospects to act.
  • Know what and when to post. 
  • Unite the impact of your social media, phone calls, events, and 1:1's. 
  • Freedom in schedule rather than too many late nights getting out overdue communications.
  • Prospects who respond positively to the information you place with them. 
Okay, so maybe you see the value in taking this step.  But how can you really get it done

Last week, Susie and Michelle planned their marketing campaigns for the 13 weeks from Oct. 1 through the end of 2011.  They knocked it out in under sixty minutes.  Now they know what they are sending, when it needs to happen, and the activities are already on their calendars.  Think that helps them sleep a bit better? 

This Thursday we will repeat the round table: Plan Your Fall Marketing Campaign at Go Durham.  Invest an hour, define your message, and map out your execution.  The results will be great communication from you and new prospects for you to serve.  Simple.