Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saving My Sanity

So if you haven't heard, Bayne from Triangle CompuDocs is my hero. He comes to Go and undoes all the random stuff our precious Mac endure.

I am thankful for the latest work he has done at the office. Forgive me for copying and pasting exactly what he did, but this is not my niche and with good reason. As Michelle Meyer said when I was trying, without much success, to convey to both her and Kevin on Tuesday, "If it excites a computer geek, then you know it has to be good!"

Check it out:
Bayne installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 under VMWare (along with antivirus and ccleaner)
Copied that image to an external drive.
Copied the image to all of the iMacs in Cary.

Essentially Bayne reduced the image time for each computer from about 1 hour to about 1 minute so when a new office opens or new computers are purchased, the Windows 7 part will be much faster.

Bayne's next goal will be creating images of a new clean setup computer so that when a new one is purchased, we can reimage it how we want. Nice.

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