Thursday, September 1, 2011

Arriving in September

Dotloop will soon be our tool for contract writing at Go.  Here are the benefits:

1. Create your contracts online (like Zipforms)
2. Auto-populate fields (no more re-entering repeated data like client names or property addresses)
3. Send Contracts - web interphase, pdf files or fax outbound.
4. Collect signatures from buyers, sellers, and co-brokering agents - all in one place.
5. Turn in your completed contracts to the office electronically.
6. Get online responses from the Go BICs on any details you may have missed.

Lisa and Kevin got their first tutoring session yesterday, and we will soon have the schedule posted for agent training.

In addition, we got a great bump on our Facebook page today from new friends at Dotloop.  Please reciprocate, at their page