Friday, August 26, 2011

Wow! That Party Was Terrific

Last night's Go Reality party was magical.  We enjoyed celebrating the end of class with the contestants, their friends and families, and many of the agents from Go.  For me, it affirmed our entire approach and service to the market.  Doing the work differently, with flare and passion, are the hallmarks for our current and future success.  Above all it it about creatively building relationships.
When we take this approach, people aren't just willing to work with us, they are excited to be part of the movement.

From the perspective of our agents, this has been a project that hasn't directly involved you (except when you are trying to work in the office on filming days), but we believe it will benefit you.  Consider how much more fun it is to show a clip from the Go Reality Show to demonstrate our innovative approach than to flip through corporate sales charts at your next listing appointment.  We deeply appreciate the way Go agents have embraced the show and cheered the contestants.  Really, thank you!

The Go Reality Show still has a lot of ground to cover, but last night's party will certainly be one of the touch points for the series.  Thanks to everyone for making it a such a special occasion.

We have all the pictures from the evening posted on the Go Realty Facebook page.