Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Believe

"We believe... " sounds like the opening words of a religious creed or a moving speech.  A while back, Jim  and I decided we needed to refine our message, get on the same page, and bring clarity our communication on "Go-ness".   Value statement, key company distinctives, a mission statement?  Naaaaaaaah.  We're zealots. So we have a belief statement.  Underneath all that we do are these core beliefs: 

  • Go believes in magic. 
  • Go believes in being memorable.
  • Go believes in our clients.
  • Go believes in a $6 cup of coffee.
  • Go believes in change.
  • Go believes in our agents.
  • Go believes in being better.
  • Go believes in giving back.
When you meet with one of our agents to consider doing business, you will hear about these points. They will illustrate the beliefs to show you how we can help you succeed with your real estate decisions. We're out to change the real estate world. We believe we can.