Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Ten Insights From Lisa's First Week At Go!

Top Ten Insights From Lisa's First Week At Go!

10. I mean seriously, pay attention people, we are NOT Starbucks!

9. Joaquin is afraid of spiders and snakes but loves thin mints

8. Alaina writes a hilarious blog

7. Who names a meeting L.A.M.E?? - That’s just wrong. M.E.A.L would be much better even if it doesn't make sense, just sayin’

6. Jim Garman is like a cat on crack! Does this man ever slow down? Oh, and note to self: Find out his favorite kind of gum

5. Speaking of crack, Zumba is Michelle’s crack so stay tuned for Zumba on the tables at Go Durham starring Michelle as our featured dancer. Feel free to bring dollar bills...

4. Yammer, Laserfiche, Lonewolf, Truila, Zillow, Realtor, High Rise, NAR, NCAR, NCREC, RRAR,, DRAR, MLS, TMLS, IDX, Dropbox, VM Fusion, Tour Factory, Phonebooth, what the heeeezy??

3. Could Kevin be any more organized? His calendar frightens me and makes me feel inadequate :))

2. Kristi and Jenn are a tough act to follow!

1. These people are crazier than I thought, I should have asked for more $$$$ AND fought for that gym membership!