Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seeing our Culture In the Holly Springs Cultural Arts Center!

Our "little" town was blessed with a Cultural Arts Center 5 years ago. It is an awesome building filled with Cooking Classes, Puppet Shows, Music Concerts, Comedians, a Library & so much more......literally something for everyone!

Why would Realtors care about this???

This state-of-the-art $5 million facility lies in the heart of our thriving community. More than 150,000 live within a 10-mile radius. More than 300,000 visitors a year are expected at Holly Springs Cultural Center. Wow! That's a lot of peeps driving thru & checking out our town!

Their Mission statement is pretty special's part of the "Magic" of this town!

(To bring the community together with cultural programs and great events that are diverse, inspiring, festive and memorable)
Sounds like the perfect fit for the GO Culture!