Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Important

This week we lost two really important people. Both were dads and grandfathers in the lives of our extended family.  On Wednesday news came that Lindsay and Robin had both lost their fathers-in-law to extended illnesses.  We feel the hurt that these two agents carry.

Many things are more important than real estate.  The health and passing of our family members ranks well above all the things that we do to sell homes.  Many of you have been an encouragement, an aid, and a source of prayer for Lindsay, Robin and their families.  Keep it up.

Lindsay and Robin, we are glad that you are away to love your husbands, process your memories, and say goodbye to these influential men.  Know that you are much in our hearts, we grieve with you, and we miss you while you are gone tending to the most important people in your lives.