Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Go Reality on My Favorite Radio Channel

We all have the same favorite channel - WIIFM - What's In It For Me?  Lately we have been broadcasting a lot of sound (Boom!Boom!) regarding the Go Real-i-ty Show.   For current agents, thank you for embracing the latest wild and crazy project (it won't be the last one).   Really, we appreciate you accepting all the attention on the contestants, Zach's face everyplace, and that whole coat-room thing going on at Go Cary.  (Is Emily lost in there somewhere?)

We do believe that Go Reality has benefits for the entire team in General Brokerage.  Let's start with more viewers - on Twitter, Facebook, and across the professional community.  As the Show succeeds, the credit will carry over to you.  "Oh you're with that company that does the cool show! " I really look forward to you hearing that line.

The Reality Show has key benefits for all of us in general brokerage:

  • Brand Recognition: we went just went +175 on Facebook in one evening.  That's only one expression of Go getting more brand love.  Just last year we were having to answer the question, "Go, who?"  Today, not so much. 
  • Energy: I have noticed a strong uptick in our offices from the vibe of the Show.  It carries over to our prospecting and service. Be like an electric car: make sure you plug in for the charge. 
  • Innovation: our larger goal for transforming the majority of communications to video is well under way.  Each day Jim and Zach learn more about video technique and production. We already have a spiffy new high tech camera.  Those innovations will soon be in play to help you build your own videos.  It's like all the cool discoveries from the NASA space program that turned into consumer products. We're gonna make new discoveries and applications ourselves.
  • Investment: we are investing heavily in the four contestants: big time and big money.  I don't know what the outcome will be, but I know that you always get huge returns by investing in others.  Consider spending some time with each contestant over the new six weeks.  Teach them something about our craft.  The instructor always learns the most.  Hope you'll join us in making the investment. 
Now let's get the popcorn, dial into our favorite channel, and this show is gonna rock.