Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yep, you know it. Your "database" is a collection of sticky notes, scribbles and random paper scraps.  Not good.  Okay, so you have been thinking about it.  Perhaps a little too long.  So let's take some action on that database.  Way too many agents get hung up in deciding which database tool to use instead of getting one and taking action with it.  Here's a quick review of three that can go to work for you:

Top Producer: serious, full-featured tool to manage everything you do in real estate.  Yep, it requires a long learning curve, watching training webinars, and learning new stuff.  But it will seriously organize your business.  Even has Facebook and Twitter integration for your contacts.  Independent agent cost is $39.95.  Get it for a reduced cost and including the iPhone app though Go.   
Click here for the web site

MoreSolds is a simple and free online tool for real estate agents.  It will allow you to house your contact information, schedule follow up contacts, and they offer add on modules for e-mail campaigns and newsletters.  You can go with a free version or pick up additional features for about $15/month.  
Click here for their website. 

RealtyJuggler is a third option. They offer only annual pricing at $99, but you can try it for free for 90 days.  It has more features than MoreSolds, but not as robust a tool as TopProducer.  
Here's the link for their site. 

Okay, so don't just say, "That's interesting."  Take action!  We will continue to train from time to time on Top Producer within the company.  However, it is not the tool for everyone. We all work differently, and we each have different budgets for this component of our business.   Here are a few action steps:

1. Review the Sites and compare to your current database application.
2. Pick one
3. Start using it - 30 minutes daily.  You will soon be a master.  
4. Enjoy the results of structuring your contacts, follow ups, and transaction steps.  Work smarter, earn more.