Friday, July 1, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Lisa Higginbotham

I totally love the group and the team culture at Go Realty. I have known them as a client (we have provided promotional items for them) since before they opened their doors. I have interacted with their agents through various groups we belong to, such as BNI, the chamber, and Raleigh-Wake HBA.

Bottom line, what impressed me from the start was the excitement, the fresh approach to real estate (let's face it, Realtors in the traditional sense are a dime a dozen!), and the involvement on all levels of community from the entire group. I would not hesitate to recommend Go to anyone, and I keep their cards handy for this very reason.I love that not only does the Go team do back flips for their customers (we do as well, so this totally speaks to me!), but they give back to their community and they support causes like the Pretty In Pink Foundation that are significant to all of us.

Go Realty in my opinion is writing a completely revolutionary chapter in the Real Estate genre, and I LOVE it! They will be successful, no question in my mind.

Lisa R. Higginbotham
5 Star Awards