Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Build Business With the Culture Book

The Culture Book is available to you from the Angels.  Pre-orders cost $7/copy, post-print cost is $8.  Here's the question: How can you leverage the Culture Book to grow your business?

  • Deliver to seller prospects a few days before the listing appointment. 
  • Place copies with members of your HOA Board in your n'hood or farm area
  • Share with key members of your BNI or other networking group
  • Get a copy in your attorney/dentist/doctor's lobby
  • Gift one to your key partners: inspectors, stagers, lawn care team
  • Advocates, the friends who introduce you to new contacts, give them a few copies to distribute
  • Agents that you would like to work at Go, deliver with a thank you note after closing
  • Key past clients, especially those who have been in their current home 5+years
  • Share it with your family and older kids: let them know what we do
  • Share with members of your social groups: dance, sports, scouts, church. Definitely get one to the leaders and board members. 
  • Bonus points: leave a copy in the lobby of a competitor :)