Friday, July 1, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Karen Widas

Find a real estate office (there are plenty so take your pick). Now walk on in with a cup of coffee. Have a seat (we'll assume there is one).  Proceed to taking out your laptop, phone and other business essentials. Settle in and get some work done. You aren't there as a client. You aren't there as a business partner. You simply needed a change of scenery. Now, pack everything back up because you are being escorted out.

Now try the same thing again but at Go Realty. Grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks next door and walk on in. You will be greeted with a "Hello" from everyone there. They'll ask how they can help you. You tell them "I just need a place to camp out for a bit". They motion to an entire open area of tables and chairs and say "make yourself at home". There are probably others like yourself doing the same thing. The agents fill the air with a sense of cooperation, fun, innovation and camaraderie. It's an atmosphere like no other.

Go Realty is about people. All people. Not just their clients. Stop in at Go Realty and experience this for yourself.  If this is how they handle someone "off the street", can you imagine how they handle a client?

Karen Widas
CoCard Account Executive