Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Brad Arendt

Go office culture:

The Go office is different compared to any real estate office you've ever seen. No "gatekeeper" at the front desk.... that is mean and impersonal. No 'maze' of offices with people tucked away from all other agents and clients. No 'attitude' amongst the agents (attitude = jealousy). When a client walks thru the door, everyone in the office will welcome them, ask if they can help, get them something to drink, etc. very welcoming! Doesn't matter who's client it is.

Upbeat/Fun - typically music playing throughout the office to bring some excitement... not the DULL, BORING office feel!


Agents are there to serve the client. Angels are there to help keep the paperwork away from the agents, letting them serve the client. The leadership of the company focuses on making Agents Happy. With happy agents, you get happy clients. (Ever heard that before? Look up Southwest Airlines.... happy employees deliver top notch service to the client) Isn't that what real estate is about? Helping clients find their perfect home?

Why would Agents like to work at Go?

  • If you are shy, and want to hide in an office every day... Don't work at Go.
  • If you realize that being 'likable' is important to capturing clients, and generating referrals, Go is for you.
  • If you have a feeling that the 'old way of doing real estate' might not work going forward, Go is for you.
  • If you have a creative flair about you... with your marketing, with your presentation, with your style.. Go is for you.
  • If you know what Facebook is, and have a following of friends, Go will teach you how to succeed in this 'new world'.

And of course, if you want to work with the Best Lenders in the industry... Go is for you!

Brad Arendt