Monday, July 25, 2011

Boomerang - How to Schedule an E-mail

Most of us have migrated to Gmail from MS Outlook.  I find just about everything in GMail to be better ( like how I worked that in the post, be better? )  One exception: can't schedule e-mails in GMail.  Over the weekend, I found a cool and free add-on that provides that ability.  Maybe you want to write an e-mail now but schedule the delivery for later in the day or the week.  Boomerang adds a button to your e-mail options allowing you to schedule when that message releases.   We'll find out if it works tomorrow during the Go Show, but if you want to add the service to your mail, check out all the details at    It took me about three minutes to read, download, and do the necessary reboot of my browser.  One key note: it does not work on Safari, but it does work with Chrome or Firefox browsers.  We have Chrome already operational on Go Durham computers, and we will have Chrome as a browser option on the Go Cary machines by the end of this week.