Monday, June 6, 2011

What You Can Do

Okay, week 2 of Go90x is in full gear. Yep, you have a transaction falling apart. One of your prospecting calls blew up into a thirty minute diversion. Kids schedule not quite what you expected.  And maybe you forgot to go to the grocery store. Distractions are part of life.  There is NO time in our life space when unplanned interruptions simply disappear.

Go90x simply brings these challenges into focus.  The big challenge is not managing our time, but managing ourselves.  Each day make a commitment to focus.  Determine that you will succeed, then make a plan on how. It might need adjustment thirty minutes later, but what does not need adjustment is your commitment to succeed.

"Can" is one of my favorite words; as in "you can," "we can," and "I can." Practice those short phrases a few times today just to rev your engine. In fact, place your name in the phrase: "Michelle can," for example.

Go90x is about changing our behaviors, building strong prospecting habits that will bring a us a lifetime of professional benefits. Today is one step in the process to that changed behavior.  You can.