Monday, June 27, 2011

Karen...back with macs!

My family actually started out with a used Mac about 10 yrs ago. This was the first computer that my family ever used. But because of work requirements we went to PCs and had many hours of frustration and dissatisfaction. I remember how many times they crashed, ran HOT, had to replace their batteries, and the most frustrating ...they were incredibly SLOW!!!!!!

With Go's support of the Apple program, I now have Iphone, an IPad, & a MacBook Pro and I could not be happier. It is amazing the difference in the quality of the machines. My MacBook pro always starts at the drop of a dime, never gets viruses, & never crashes. I now have great applications that help me when I'm in the field and need to find surrounding listings, find a gas station that sells cheap gas, ect. I can now bring my listing presentation on my Ipad. I can take videos and quickly upload them to Facebook, Youtube, ect. This can be incredibly helpful for an out of town buyer.

I LOVE being back with MAC!!!

PS. my fellow Gosters have shared really cool aps like: Cat Paint, Neo Notes, Dragon Diction, and of course Angry Birds!

Karen Barbour '11
Happy to be back with macs since May 2011

More information on the Go Apple program that helps our agents buy MacBook Pros