Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Example


So you're working on your Go90x activities, check, check, check.  Whoaaaa, let's slow down just a bit.  I have been extremely impressed with some of the note-making and note-taking skills exhibited during check-ins for the program.  Above is an example from Brenna's workbook.  She and Joaquin come to mind as top of the class on this skill.   Please take a close look at her page, enlarge the image if needed.  One thing that is impressive is the careful attention to defining purpose on each phone call.  Short, clear, precise.  Likewise, her notes on the results are laser.   During Go90x February, Brenna had some of the best results in improving prospect count.  I am confident that her focus in writing and recording was one of the reason she succeeded.  She also created a problem:  Brenna reported loosing a Facebook friend during February because she over-posted real estate information.  Solution? Her Facebook categories are broad in range and important for influence. Now she is more selective in posting real estate news, but she does use the category feature to send her listing information only to those in her "Realtor" category.  Effective adjustment.

On the Facebook challenge, she wrote down each name for the contacts she made. That took some time.   Power comes from writing names.   It helps us visualize the person and the look of success.  Maybe you fight the note-taking skill a bit, but embrace it for a while and see what results.   Suspend judgement, and increase your record of detail.  Write it down, write it down, write it down.    Thanks for sharing, Brenna.