Thursday, June 30, 2011

Go90x Testimonial - Robin Evans

As I write this I am just two days away from completing Go90x for the second time.  This time around I am learning so much not only about being a great realtor but about myself.  I am learning how to manage my time.  How to push myself and motivate myself on through tough challenges.  I am also really learning about my strengths and weaknesses.  This month has been tough.  There have been quiet a few nights where I did not finish all of the task until after 7pm.  But I take full responsibility that sometimes it takes me until 7pm or so because I choose not to begin my work day earlier than 8am.  There have been times where I have been frustrated and extremely tired, but I have pushed on because I don't like to quit.

Over the course of this month, I have met more people some live and some twitter people.  I am beginning to enjoy watching my number of twitter followers increase.  I have even engaged in online conversations with a couple of twitter people and one lady I just had to give a phone call because she was a mountain girl too.  I am really grasping the value of checking hot sheets and at times I wish that was on the Go90x calendar every day.  Next month it will be on mine.  I am really enjoying blogging.  After checking my blog stats I found that the most hits I received was on the post that I did about celebrating open house weekend.  That knowledge has motivated me to do more real estate related blog post.  I have embraced the TARR report and just the information from that is making me a better Realtor.

So as I wrap up another round of Go90x.  I am really looking forward to creating my own calendar and making myself stick to it next month.  My calendar will be full of Blogging, Hot Sheet Checking, Notes to people, and Happy Hour invites.  I may even throw in a mailer and a phone call or two.  Those are the items that I do well and enjoy.  I will be tweeting and facebooking my blog post and I will be looking forward to Go90x round 3.

Robin Evans '10