Thursday, June 30, 2011

Go90x Testimonial - Nancy Fredette

Wow, this is the best thing I have done in Real Estate. 

I feel like doing the program has impacted my life on many levels.  Professionally I  feel like I have worked harder and smarter than I ever have as an agent.  I know the focus of consistent quality prospecting will have a huge impact on my business.  I have been searching for something like this since I got my license.  I think every new agent should have a template like our workbook to follow.  I have learned so much. 

I never tweeted before Go90x. Now I do it every day.  I am so much more familiar with, Trulia and Skype. I have added at least 40 friends to my facebook account.  Personally, I feel that many of the activities we are doing are making me a better person.  I feel grateful to have friends to call and reconnect with.  I look for fun ways to thank the people I am interacting with.  For every handwritten card and thank you I have sent, I have gotten something positive back.  Who knew? 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Kevin and Jim for putting such an innovative program into our hands.  Thank you to my partners Kari and Robin for your inspiration and information.   I look forward to watching my business and friendships flourish and grow.

Nancy Fredette '11