Thursday, June 30, 2011

Go90x Testimonial - Kari Hagan

I love Go90x!  This is probably my second best Real Estate career decision.  The first is, of course, moving to Go.

The innovative and exciting Go90x program is indirectly why I'm here.  I love learning new things and I was hoping to find a new challenge, I just didn't know about Go90x until after I started and it sounded too good to be true.  I am challenged every day by Go90x.  Each day I have to stretch beyond my comfort zone with the phone calls.  That's so hard for me!  But, I do it anyway because I know it's going to pay off.  Just the initial conversations so far are giving me hope.

The whole program is new to me.  I've never prospected.  Didn't even know where to start.  How I managed to stay in real estate for 3 years without these techniques now baffles me.  I've gotten a buyer and a listing in the last 30 days because of these activities.  If anyone ever tells me again that Facebook has no power, they are wrong!

I think I've added a new program or feature to my old pc laptop almost every day.  I've got my Tweetdeck on, I'm scheduling posts with HootSuite, I'm creating my own website with Wordpress.  And you know what the best part is?  I'm not afraid.  That's it.  Just like starting in real estate at 39, I got this.  I'm not afraid to ask my 12 year old for a pointer or two on Prezi, or or Tweet my Social Media mentor for advice.  I'm not alone.  I know that.  I can call out a question in the office and someone will try to help.  Even my Husband is embracing all of this and used my dropbox to get me some papers and Skyped me from downstairs for practice. 

I'm not going it alone.  That's a great feeling and that's part of what makes Go90x so successful.  Got a question, just ask.  They've either been through this or they're doing it now.  When I interviewed with other companies over the years, their intense training programs were nothing like this.  That's why I never moved.  Until now.  Go90x should be nationwide.  It doesn't negate the processes that made real estate a great career for millions over the years, it just takes it into the next century.  Now I'm ready for that rite of passage with my first Mac product.  I've been a PC girl for almost 30 years, but if I can handle Go90x, maybe I can like an Ipad.

Kari Hagan '11