Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Go90x - Second time around...even better results!

After the first Go90x in February, we were all psyched ready for our ipads! It was really an awesome feeling…a feeling of accomplishment! I was asking for it again because the Go90x plan was a clear guide on what activities I need to continue to do to be successful in real estate.

So, when our motivators decided to bring back the Go90x for June, I was ready ……I thought! During this time we had dance recitals, a trip to Disney, “PTSA stuff”, Vacation Bible School at church…still continuing to show property and communicate with my sellers! WOW!!! Very busy month…I asked myself, what are you thinking girl? The answers were easy!

1. I’ve learned to multi-task and organize my day! (Be specific and stay focus )
2. I have results…additional buyers and sellers (LOVE the prospecting….results)
3. This time around it has been a little easier because I know what to expect…so if I continue these habits, they will become second nature!

I don’t know what my reward will be at the end this time since I already have my ipad, but just knowing that I’m building my business with the best model out there gives me satisfaction! Thank you KW & JG!

Brenna Rouse '10