Monday, February 28, 2011

Go90x is going away...nope!

I’ll admit last week I was thinking how happy I will be when Go90x was over…….I was tired. Today, I’m thinking, you know what? It will never be over, nor should it be. I can’t say I will be doing ALL the Go90 exercises everyday, but it has taught me some of the best lessons I’ve ever learned about real estate, but more about myself. Here are a few:
* People actually like to get phone calls. I think it was FDR that said “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”…I’m still not sure why I was so afraid of them.
* My focus (or lack therof) is in direct correlation to how my workbook looked for the week. Laser beam focus=full workbook. Fuzzy focus=not so much. This definitely tells me to WRITE IT DOWN!! I’ve learned how much time can be wasted when you don’t. My memory is not as great as I think it is!
* I’m one of the good agents…..I think I had forgotten. Somewhere the confidence was lost, and the idea of “just doing it” scared me. It’s not so much like that these days.
* I am in awe of so many of the agents who surround me. This was a lot of work, we all know that, but to see the agents who are moms and dads, husbands and waves, and sons and daughters juggle it all gave me a newfound respect to so many people.
* My decision last year to join Go was a good one…..finally!!

Paige Coker '10