Monday, June 27, 2011

Dave likes them apples

One of the many benefits about being associated with Go is the vision of JG and KW. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to enable some of our pc's to network with the Mac products in our office, they came up with 'Go Apple'.

The investment is instead made in the agents, providing them with MacBooks, with the agent paying a portion of the cost a little at each closing. With blogging, video and iMovie, it frees up time that was previously spent frustrated and bogged down, to something more productive....whether that be showing houses or spending time with our families. There is much thought and consideration given to the agents, making each of us feel appreciated and that our time is also valued.

Thanks JG and KW!

Dave Thomas '11
MacBook Pro owner since May, 2011

More information on the Go Apple program that helps our agents buy MacBook Pros