Monday, June 13, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Robin Evans

Our focus at Go Realty is on People. That focus is what brought me to Go. We put our clients first. There are no Real Estate Divas or Divos at Go Realty. Since we believe that Real Estate is all about our clients and not about, us there is no room for the Diva mentality. At Go we are all about excellent agents who work extremely hard and are experts at what they do.

At Go we think outside of the box. Sometimes there is no box. We believe that if we can dream it, we can do it. That mentality vibrates in everything that we do. We share those dreams with each other so that the great ones catch on and spread like wild fire. On the flip side, if the idea doesn't work, no matter who thought it up, we will chunk in on the "campfire" without thinking twice.

Our work environment is an open space with shared desk. At first it can take a little getting use to, but working closely with our peers is extremely rewarding. Real Estate can be a lonely job. Having someone working beside you to bounce ideas off of is wonderfully powerful. Oh yes, and there is music playing. The mood of the office dictates what Pandora station is playing.

And we Yammer! Yammer is online communication tool that we use to keep in touch will all of the Go community. We give shout outs, ask questions, give status updates, and share good news. Yammer is about being positive. But sometimes if we are feeling a bit down, we can share it there and get picked back up by our fellow Go agents.

We use Apple products. Mac's, Ipads, Iphones, MacBooks we are all Apple all the way. This is great for almost all of what we do. The only downside is that our MLS system has not caught on to the awesomeness of the Mac and only operates on Windows Explore. We have to use special software to turn our Mac's into Windows, which is such a downer. Hopefully, in the near future our MLS system will catch up with us at Go and the system will work on other operating systems.

Robin Evans '10