Monday, June 13, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Paige Coker

I think the Go Realty Culture is easier to define in terms of what it isn't rather than in terms of what it is, and what is not here rather than what is.

What you won't find here is are attitudes of self importance, negativity, there only being one way to accomplish a goal, unhappiness/jealousy with other agents successes, and unwillingness to share our ideas or strategies for success. There really aren't any secrets at Go.....everything is an open book that doesn't leave you wondering what else is going on.....

One of my favorite things about the culture of Go is that everyone is truly happy and share's
in other agent's lives.......whether it's the birth or arrival of new children, finally selling buyers a home that someone has worked with forever, a great vacation, graduation, or sharing in life's challenges, this is truly one of the most supportive environments of which I've ever been a part. It really is like a second family.

In an ideal world, one would think (and hope) that this is the norm for a company, but my experience has been that it simply isn't the case. It's anything but. Our slogan is “we're not your father's real estate company”.......and we're not. Except for my father's :) I have found many of the basic traits that were present in his office are present here, and they are all good.......minus the iPads, of course!!

Paige Coker '10