Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Kristi Burkett

The culture we have at Go is unlike any other. My professional career has been built by several different fields and many great work environments. However none can match the special place that Go Realty is.

From the minute one opens the door to our office they can feel and see that this is unlike any other real estate firm. The modern clean lines, friendly smiles and rockin music that fill the air make you realize that this isn’t your father’s real estate firm. We love the fact that we are unique and want to be memorable.

Imagine a place where out of the box thinking is praised, accepted and supported; a place where you can share a celebration and your co-workers are thrilled to hear it; a place where ideas and secrets to success are shared; a place where you want to come to the office to see what will happen next. We do not want a mundane or stagnant culture and we are proud to say that we do not have it!

Kristi Burkett '08