Monday, June 13, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Kevin Woody

I could say a lot about the real estate industry since I have worked in the Triangle real estate market for 16 years. Compare this place to that place ... blah, blah, blah. I won't bore you; I hope :) Go culture to me is something much deeper, and more important than business. It is the place where some of my very best friends and I work together. To me it feels like working with brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and even with my kids (who are already grownups themselves). The banter in the office often feels like we all share a big family room where siblings talk in the way that is unique to family. Conversations are spontaneous, rich, and often move from work to personal and back again. We share our laughter and our tears. People at Go are connected; it's not about me being successful. It's about us being successful.

"Good News" is one of my favorite activities; it's the opening part of each week's Go Show when we collect everyone together for a meeting. In the Good News segment, everyone has the opportunity to share a recent success, a new achievement, and progress made. Almost everyone speaks during this time. I think it will be a hallmark of our organization for a long time. Who doesn't want to go to an office where there is always some good news to hear and share?

Even our name, "Go" is a terrific part of the culture. As a Christian, the word has significance to me because it is a key assignment Jesus gives his followers. The word resonates deeply for me. Our company is not focused on one spiritual perspective; we have all kind of spiritual perspectives here, and I like that mix. But "go" is an important word.  It's a verb, and we are a movement: dynamic, never settling in one spot. Go is about energy, about change, about impact, and most valuable to me, it's about meaningful relationships with colleagues. I like working as a real estate professional; I love the people that surround us at Go.

Kevin Woody '10
BIC, Prez, Partner