Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Kari Hagan

The Go Realty culture is probably best described as innovative. The innovativeness is a fusion of the obvious love of technology, the ever present training opportunities and challenges, and the encouraging, collaborative and fun atmosphere. Just walking into the office is new and different. At first sight there is the soothing colors and open seating, but when you look deeper you see all the fabulous artwork and, of course, the computers.

All of the technology that is ingrained at Go could be intimidating, but with the training and support they offer wrapped up with fun names and awesome support isn’t scary at all. If I want to get some training it’s offered frequently and it’s called a party, not a boring old class.

The support and encouragement for all of this is phenomenal. Everyone is encouraging everyone else, and not just in regards to work. Real life, like babies, health issues and kids antics are all topics of the day because everyone is there to support the whole person. Taking in a baseball game together or socializing at the various events, builds the team and the camaraderie.

Go pushes each one of us to be our best with every day, but especially with the go90x challenge. Not mandatory, but so innovative! Everyone gets challenged with different parts of the program, but we are all pushed out of our comfort zones. The atmosphere may look calm, but there is a fabulous storm of activity just under the surface.

Can innovation be a culture? Sure it can. The world is not a static place and there is an ebb and flow. Go Realty embraces the new with confidence and positive attitudes. No status quo here.

Kari Hagan '11