Monday, June 13, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Karen Barbour

The Go culture from my perspective is very positive. The people who work there are very helpful and supportive of each other. I would say that they genuinely like each other. It makes the work environment so much nicer. Having nice people to hang with, ask questions of, get inspiration from is jut cool. People that come in can feel the difference too. They have commented on it and it's nice that people can see it. We're an open, non-uptight kind of place. People smile, laugh & work hard too.

We're tech savvy, but we don't expect you to KNOW it all. We'll share what we know. You can learn new things.

I love that my BIC is really cool and can help me grow and develop as a person & professional. I've never had a BIC like that. I know he really cares!

I love that I can reach out to people monthly and ask them to come join us for a drink. How cool is that! I love that I can give them a nice mug to remember us.

The one thing I don't like is my own branding is not encouraged or supported. I have worked hard on my website and I'd like that to be on my business card. My website & my niche brings me prospects. I know I will remain loyal to Go...I can feel it in my bones. I have found my HOME but I also know I have to brand me! I wish my fan mail page from my blog was linked on the Go website.

We are always evolving too....never stagnant.

Karen Barbour '11