Monday, June 13, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Joaquin Aguayo

When my wife Dona, who is also a real estate agent, told me she was meeting with some folks at Go Realty to talk about a possible move, I bristled at the notion. My very short and very uneventful real estate career was only a little more than a year into it's infancy and I thought that it wouldn't be the most prudent thing for me to make a switch to a different firm so soon. In addition, before I got into the real estate world, there had been a lot of instability in my career. Prior to my foray into real estate, I had about four different jobs in six years, due in large part to a couple of layoffs, moves to a different city, etc. The fact that I couldn't hold a job began to play with my self confidence. And I did not like it one bit.

I told her that I would tag along with her to this meeting, but no way in hell was I making another move. I was tired of learning a new process. I was tired of having yet another new email address. A new business card. A new commute. A new adjustment period. New coworkers. New everything. I wanted stability in my career and in my life. I wanted to plant down some roots and stay at the same company until they gave me a gold watch. I was perfectly happy where I was and I did not want to mess with that. I finally had a routine, and I did not want to give that up - even if it meant that my wife and I would be working at separate firms. This was my mindset as I walked through the doors of 123 Weston Parkway on that blustery cold, sunny day in December.

By the middle of Jim and Kevin's presentation, however, I knew that I would have to get used to yet another new email address.

At the time of Go's inception, the real estate market was (and actually still is) an absolute train wreck, so we've had to hustle and come up with alternative methods to prosper. I think our culture reflects that. We have a lot of progressive minds at Go. We tend to think outside the box more than the average agent, and would rather try something new than to stand still and stick to traditional methods. We're explorers, pioneers. We are the ones that carve the path for others in our industry to follow. Do we make mistakes? Absolutely. Tons of them. However, we are never afraid to try something new.

We work hard, but we play hard also. And, when it's time to celebrate, we love to share in our individual and collective successes. That is what makes our culture at Go special, and that is why I still made the leap - despite having to get another set of new business cards made.

Joaquin Aguayo '11