Monday, June 13, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Jenn Cole

I always laugh when people ask me why I chose to come to Go. It was still an idea in JGʼs head when I took the leap. The true coolness of go has grown over time but I had a hunch and I love when things work out! The 3 main reasons why I continue to love go are as follows:

First, when I started in real estate I thought that it was a strange phenomenon that a group of social people get into this business and then we go to a stuffy office and sit in cubicles or offices with the door shut all while hiding what we are working on so that the guy next to us doesnʼt steal it from us. Walk into go and you will see almost the exact opposite. No cubicles...just open office space. Most days, there will 4 people all crammed at the same table working together with all the remaining tables open. We realize that we are here to grow our business and help one another. The creativity fire needs some fuel.

Second, we treat each other with respect and like family. We know what is happening on a personal level and are there to cheer each other on and pick each other up when a little dusting off is needed. I will never forget walking into an office and dropping off a contract. They had to check the roster to see if he was an agent there. Could you even imagine? Imagine a place where it is safe to laugh, cry, curse, get creative and be serious.

Lastly, the “structure” & coaching of go is personal to me. I have been able to grow my business in ways I would have never imagined. We are pushed to explore new ideas and try to see if it will work. I have never been told.....ʻthis is how it has always been done and it worksʼ. We are encouraged to be ourselves and grow our business that way as well. Be Better.....”it will always work.”

Jenn Cole '09