Monday, June 13, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Dona Aguayo

Go Realty, a culture like no other.

Go believes it is about our community, it is about giving back and it is about excellence. We do not think inside the box. We grow better by being better. We embrace opportunities to be unique and to stand out amongst a sea of mediocrity. We believe in a drama-free work space that indulges in $4.00 coffee because of its reputation. We believe in each other and we work together to strengthen our abilities as a team. We represent a new name and a new energy in the real estate industry. We believe in making a difference by being different.

We believe in being better.

We will have website issues and we will have glitches in our operating systems. We will have keys that do not unlock doors and we will struggle with the moral dilemma of MAC vs. PC.

And, we will be better.

Dona Aguayo '11