Monday, June 13, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Cassie Upton

When I was first presented with the opportunity to talk with Kevin at Go Realty, I thought to myself, well it would be rude not to at least hear him out. I was not really actively looking for a change of companies, and was somewhat happy/complacent with where I was. I had a 1 year old at home, and they left me alone to work when I wanted or not work if I didn't want to.

I met with Kevin, well Jenn first to get the "real" story. I thought the recruitment pitch might not be a true reflection of how things were. Well to my surprise, meeting with Kevin reaffirmed that this place really was a cool place to be. When a "formal" recruitment meeting is just as fun as having coffee with a friend to get the "real story" you know you've found a good place to be.

I didn't really know that many people here when I started, but now I have been there about 4 months and feel like I have worked with these people for years. A much needed change from coming from a company where i had worked with people for years and still felt like I really didn't know many of them. Everyone is genuinely interested in knowing people, not just knowing transactions. This comes across in our relationships with each other and our clients.

When people ask about my new company, and they always do, it is hard to explain to them exactly what it is. We are a cool group of realtors who love to have a good time and figure out innovative ways to help people with real estate needs. We do it with a smile and without drama. Well, this doesn't really sum up Go Realty completely, but it's a start. The best way to know it, is to see it in action. I think it's one of those things that just has a good feel. Those are hard to explain too. So, I tell them they have to come by and see it. Most people get it when they come in.

How's joining Go Realty helped my business? Well my business has definitely grown. It's June now and I have made about as much as I did all last year already, with more on the books and pending. That kind of success speaks for itself. But, it's not because they are feeding us leads like crazy or we're sitting by the phones waiting for them to ring with million dollar deals. It is because our leadership cares and encourages us to want to be better people, better friends, better moms and dads and daughters and sons, this all leads to being better Realtors for our clients. They understand that Real Estate is not about a transaction but about the people, and this along with some creative strategy, leads to successful Realtors. Joining Go has helped me grow both professionally and personally.

After only 4 short months, I can't imagine being with another company. It just feels like home.

Cassie Upton '11