Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Culture Book 2011 - Brenna Rouse

Many questions come to mind when describing Go Realty. How do you describe the best place that you’ve ever worked? How do you describe the incredible motivators behind the “Go” experience What’s the culture like at Go Realty..... That’s easy!

Edgy, Compassionate, Magnetic, and the list goes on and on. When you first enter Go, (without even meeting any of the Rock Star agents) you say Wow! Our facility is crisp and edgy! We love our space. It’s open, free-flowing, and fun! We do NOT have assigned desk space, seats or etc... You are welcome to work wherever you feel like you work your BEST!

Our owners are our motivators! They are contagious....with the excite- ment and passion they have for their agents and our clients! They want the best for us! They have provided resources for each one of us to make us successful! They don’t discuss “how bad” the real estate market is....they discuss “how we are going to impact the market”.

Have you ever heard of a real estate firm hosting Happy Hours? Have you ever heard of a firm having a prom and a masquerade ball? Well, at Go, we have FUN! Our business partners from the industry are rushing in trying to make it to our 1st Friday Happy Hours to network, and drink our beer! We love and encourage more each month! Jim and Kevin recognizes that building friendships and relationships are the lasting bonds. Hosting these types of events are the bonding opportunities that set us apart!

This is just a glance into the “Go” Experience....The culture at Go is encouraging, motivating and WONDERFUL!!! We are in it for the long haul!

Brenna Rouse '10