Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Check Your Game Plan

Game Plan LogoI just finished reading Game Plan: How Real Estate Professionals Can Thrive in an Uncertain Future.  It reads like a college thesis on the American real estate industry.  I don't think it will be finding the way to the top of your book list, but it is great content for industry leaders.  One chapter focuses on the subject of what it will take for sales professionals to succeed in the current market. Here's what the authors recommend:

  • Set Your Personal Objectives:  why are you in the business? what do you want to accomplish - specifically?  Write it down.  I think you have heard a bit about this around the Goplex.

  • Become an Expert in Your Market or Niche: If you are not an expert in a niche, invent one in which you are.  Your subgroup, neighborhood, price point, town, or the best darn realtor in the Triangle Quilting Club.  Find a group and work it.

  • Develop SYSTEMS for Prospecting to Your Niche: What's my budget? What will I send?  What frequency?  I am really looking forward to Dona's results on her recent commitment to mail her sphere each moth.  She has a system and is building the habit of mailing on a certain date each month.   What's your system?

  • Build Systems for Servicing Leads and Customers:  Lindsay just built a macdaddy list for serving her listing clients.  She knows every step to take in the process. This step requires us to commit time to following up leads on a daily basis.

  • Build Your Brand: Cultivate and communicate the compelling reason why a consumer should work with you.  You have to communicate that message over and over in a variety of images, words, and formats.   Every day the market asks, "Why should I work with you?"  Branding is the carefully crafted answer.