Monday, May 30, 2011

Work The Book


Congratulations to Zach for getting very good buzz via Facebook regarding this listing blog.  It's not his first time, nor is he the only one on our team to receive Facebook praise about a blog.  What I do want to emphasize is how important this kind of commentary can be for 1) selling the home, and 2) growing your own prospect opportunities.

Here are a few tips to help you expand your marketing through your clients:

  • Make the client part of your marketing team: get their perspective on the home, the features, and what's special.

  • Ask them for help in tapping into their own network.  What's the best way to reach their group?

  • Explain to the client how powerful her network can be in the process.

  • Have a system for involving the client:  a regular e-mail to every listing client asking them to reference the blog early in the market cycle is good.  Better is to follow up with a phone call. Best, help them set a deadline for their post and suggest content if they need some help.

  • Praise Good behavior: let them know how much you appreciate their post and remind them of the potential impact.