Friday, May 13, 2011

What's the Rate?

Well, a crazy week for some aspects of Wall Street.  Oil prices have come down dramatically.  Gas should soon follow! (I sure hope so... my SUV sure seems thirsty these days...)  Silver and other commodities following the trend downward too.  Stocks off some, but still holding on to reasonable levels.

With some of the economic reports for the economy being 'less than stellar', rates have been in favor again this week.  Although not much change from last week, signs are good that rates should hold at these low levels for the short term, and possibly longer term too.  While we love low rates, we would love having a robust housing market more.  So be careful what we wish for!

I'm in town this weekend, so if you need my assistance, just email or ring me!  Glad to help.

Rates this week:

  • 30 Yr Conventional – 4.5%

  • 30 Yr VA – 4.375%

  • 30 yr FHA – 4.375%

  • 15 Yr Conventional – 3.75%

  • 5/1 ARM – 3.5%

  • USDA (zero down) – 4.5%

Brad  854-4457

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