Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ready, Set, Go90x!


Lebron James planned to join us in Go90x this month, but he's a little busy this week.  Something about taking Finals?    On June 1st we launch a new group into the legendary annals of Go90x (okay, we are still working on the legendary part).  It's a tough challenge, and you better have a headband.  It will stretch, challenge, push, and probably annoy you at various points along the way.  With the daily activities it is easy to get a laser focus on what needs to get done .. TODAY!  That focus will serve you well. In the midst of the iPad quest (or that helicopter thing for the iPhone that has Zach and Joaquin all fired up), let's follow the advice of Steven Covey: "Begin with the end in mind."  Simple truth; very powerful, grasshopper.   The purpose of Go90x is to increase your number of business prospects ...  number of business prospects  ...  number.  You can master your pitch, impress an angel, and have your database categorized from Admins to Zoologists, but the the success measure is PROSPECT COUNT.  Each day the objective is to find a new lead, move a contact closer to transaction, and help a client make an outstanding decision.  More leads, more prospects, more bidness! for you.  Go90x is a tool to make you work harder than you ever have before so that you can have a closing count like never before.  Bring it!