Monday, April 11, 2011

Rental Referrals


If you have a property management need - your client wants to rent, we will not handle those directly. Instead, we will refer it to experts. As a partner with Go Realty, I introduce Red Door Company to you. You can learn more about them at their web site.  If searching for them in MLS, note there are several firms using Red Door in their name.  Red Door COMPANY is who you want to find.  If you have other property management contacts, feel free to use them.  I hope you will evaluate Red Door Company as an option.

Here's why I chose them:

  • $100 referral fee to you for any client that registers with them

  • They do not compete with us for listing sales business

  • Red Door has a solid online presence with web tools for landlords

  • System for returning the lead to us when they are ready to sell

  • Strong references from our Go Durham agents

Remember that we will not handle any type of property for rent.  If the client wants the option to sell or rent, we will handle the listing for sale.  Please refer the tenant search to Red Door or your preferred management company.

Several brokers from Red Door should be at the May Happy Hour event, and here's our primary contact for leads:

Todd L. Crenshaw, JD, Realtor
118 E. Main, Suite A
Carrboro, NC 27510
Phone- (919) 321-0128 Ext. 210