Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go Apple


Okay, after hours ... and hours ... and hours of trying to get the unlimited number of PC types working with our printers, we came to our senses.  Why spend all that time and money supporting PC's (not how we roll) when we could invest the money in Macs (that is how we roll)?   So here's the deal: we want to assist Go Agents in getting their very own MacBook.

Every Go Agent has a one-time opportunity to purchase a MacBook.  Agents will pay $1,000 toward the purchase; Go Realty will provide a bit over $600 to the cost.  The nice part is that you only need to pay $100 at a time. Order your Macbook, pay a $100 deposit, get a MacBook.  Over your next 9 closings you pay $100 per transaction to complete the purchase.  Go Realty owns the MacBook until you finish payment.  If you leave before payment, the MacBook stays at Go. If you lose it, drive over it, or your nephew drops it in the toilet - you still got the bill.   The computer will come with VM Fusion (allows MLS access) and Apple Care.   We believe Apple products are superior computing.  We believe Go Agents are superior sales people.  The two go together.  Simple.  Questions?  Check with an angel.  Onward to the post PC world.
Stacie Dye, Broker, Realtor

Go Realty