Thursday, April 14, 2011

After We Get Paid


We are fortunate to have many closings over the past six weeks.  That fact raises the question, "What service do you provide after closing?" Here are a few service tips for deepening your positive impression when average agents fade:

  • Invest: budget a standard amount for every transaction that you will invest back into the client. Provide a handyman for two hours, cleaning service during week two of occupancy, or send over a great meal to coordinate with their occupancy schedule.

  • Make the Call: at 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days, check in to see how things are going.  Find loose ends, needs, information points and solve those problems for the client. You will get them talking referral with this level of service.

  • Settlement Statement: Develop a system so a copy is ready to mail around Jan. 10th next year when they need it for tax prep.  The key is to do it now, not later when you can't remember where that document is, or you are hibernating through the holidays.

  • Update the Blog: with permission, post a picture of the new residents or a video to help them introduce themselves to their neighbors.  Send the updated URL to the surrounding homes by post card to meet the new neighbors via technology.

  • You represented the sellers?  No reason you shouldn't sell that house the next time.  A memorable communication after closing to the new owner to offer your service with loose ends and market info is a good start.  Be sure to add the new residents to your regular mailing list.  Set them up for a home anniversary call each year along with an offer for a quick review of neighborhood prices.

Post closing is usually where most agents disappear.  A Go Agent knows it is just another opportunity to Be Better.