Monday, February 28, 2011

What Go90X taught me.....

1.  We can all work harder.

I have been doing real estate for 3 years now and what this challenge showed me it we can all work a lot harder than we normally do. It takes discipline and fortitude but we all can KICK  IT OUT!  There were things that I never did before : like checking  out the hot sheets and sending  them on to clients or investigate them as a potential new listing, send a thank you email or note. I also never Blogged so much in my life. I learned that I can kick one out kinda quickly.

2.  It is so important to continue to challenge yourself and learn new things.

I think I can. I think I can
I think I can, I think I can.

During this challenge I wrote more thank you notes than I had done in my full career. It is the simple things that make the difference, like receiving a hand written heartfelt note from someone.

It's also important to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Only then will you get results.  It was hard to ask for feedback when I felt like I already had enough from other folks. But getting feedback on Zillow was important and the only way to do that was to ask again. It was hard to blog when one feels that blogging is not your thing.  But it did get easier each time we were asked to do it!

3. We went through it TOGETHER!

We're in this together
We're in this together!

It sucked for us all at times. But there were also victories and seeing our coworker begin to shine, which was pretty cool. We supported each other. There was no cut throat feeling in it!  We were all learning stuff about ourselves and others. I think we are a pretty awesome group of Realtors and I'm not looking forward to the Durham folks leaving!

4. It is  truly all about RELATIONSHIPS!

The Biggest thing that I learned, I already knew but Go90X  brought it home & to the heart deeper. It is truly all about relationships. It's about how we make our clients feel through the process of buying or selling a home. It's about taking care of the minutia for them. It's about thanking your closing attorney or inspector for doing such a good job. It's about how you reach out to people on Facebook & Twitter, how you touch your sphere, how you offer them something of value, ect.   And maybe it's about letting what's in us out and honoring the light, spark or spirit which is within us all. Or is that getting too touchy feely?

5. It was FUN!!!

We did it, we grew, we stretched, we over came, we achieved. Now let's do it all again.
We did it, we grew, we stretched, we over came, we achieved. Now let's do it all again!

Go90X kicked our  butts but it was fun and so worth it. I almost want it to continue forever.

Karen Barbour '11