Monday, February 28, 2011

Go90x Made me Better

Roller Coaster

The picture above pretty much sums up my real estate career as well as my income over the years!  I've always been good about prospecting & keeping my pipeline full, but where I was weak was maintaining that level of activity when I got busy with real business.  The result was a month with a couple closings, the next month....nothing & so on & so on.  Go90x has impacted my business & my personal life in so many seems hard to put them into words but I have to try to complete my task.  I used to be uncomfortable with technology & learning new I can write a blog entry in 15 minutes, Tweet, Skype & make videos for my business!  I've always loved making phone calls (I know that's weird) but now I'm more purposeful & organized with them.  I've always loved the power of the handwritten note, but I learned to dig deeper & be memorable.  I've completely changed the way I look at every single activity I do whether it be for my business, my family or my friends.  I find myself pausing & asking myself "How could I do this better?''

I've already seen huge results in my business with new listings, more buyers & more referrals, but what has been the most rewarding has been the comments & feedback I've received from people over the last month.   Heart warming Thank You's, tears of appreciation, hugs & encouragement as a result of just doing the job I love so much.  I knew the culture at Go would be different than any other Real Estate company out there, I just had no idea it would be so powerful.  I am so excited to go to work every day & am honored to work with an incredible team of agents & friends.

Some of us had been together 14 months when we started Go90x & some only 14 days.....but we had a team spirit for each other from Day 1!  I attribute this to the leadership of Jim & Kevin.  It was so cool to hear phrases like "I can help you with that," or "I have no clue, let's figure it out together."  The prize for all this is an IPad which I am thrilled to receive, but the real prize for me is in creating a foundation for a multi-million dollar business while still spending time with my family & taking time for myself.  I have struggled for years to find that balance in Real Estate so that is the biggest prize for me!  Thank you JG & KW for your continued vision & thank you to every single GO agent for your love & support!  Let the ride continue.......

Michelle Meyer '10