Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh To Go90X!

Oh to Go90X

 Go90X I must confess

came at a time of much duress

The thought of making so many calls

made my stomach ache without pause

I was afraid of the fact that much unlike Zach

I would sound like a fool, a used-car salesman at that

Over 5 years it’s been and the outlook was grim

working real estate without systems makes success very slim

I learned to be organized and use the great systems

that Kevin and Jim created all for our wisdom

The wisdom of great leaders understands without reason

that hard work can be like a jail sentence or treason

You cannot expect to be great if you don’t work really late

And try very hard for the money you make

You must ask for the business as quiet is not heard

You must ask for the business or else it’s absurd

to think you will conquer more than a curd!

I have learned by Go90 to practice a new way

I have learned by Go90 that it’s the right way to play

My motto is written down for the rest!

Take it or leave it

Work with the best!

Dona Aguayo '11