Monday, February 28, 2011

Looks Like We've Made It!!!

Last year I set my New Years Resolution to run 3 - 5k races and finish in under 30 minutes by the last one.  (This is partially why I choose hugging this year).  I trained and trained for the first one and I was so scared  to run it that I snuck out of the house in the morning and went to it by myself.  I just wanted to finish.  I did finish and close to the goal that I had set to reach by the last one.  I was so excited, but it was kind of sad since no one was there to celebrate.

Go90x has been the training that I needed to remind myself that I LOVE this job and that you can't sit back and let the market kick your ass.  I feel exhausted today catching up to hit the finish line but I did it.  I feel like such a stronger agent doing all the things I should have been doing along the way or that I had stopped doing.  I was always afriad to make phone calls.  I am a procrastinator so between Friday and today I made 36 phone calls.  I can now make an awesome call and I am confident about it!  I previewed homes in my neighborhood since there is all kind of building happening.  I am sad that it took this to make me do it.  I have been able to put my new notecards to use and I like sending handwritten notes because I have received several over the past few weeks and it just makes you happy.  I hope that someone has smiled because of a card that I sent.  I have had 6listing presentations this month.  Last year I had 4 listings all year!!  I have blogged regulary.  I have fallen in love with Hot Sheets and do it daily.  I have expanded my 8x8's (thanks paige) to different groups of people.  I am excited about the growth of my database and look forward to expanding it.

All this being said, I logged into finish this last item today (this post) and I felt a little sad.  I was all alone and had no one to celebrate with.  To my surprise though there were many entries from everyone about their experience that I got to read!  Not only was this like having a little party I got to realize the best part of this whole experience.  I have the privilege of working with an entire team of people who are passionate, dedicated, energetic, and amazing!  This is truly special! 

I am thankful to Jim, Kevin, Kristi, Lindsay, Dona, Joaquin, Karen, Mai, Jimmy C, Paige, Stephanie, Christine, Robin, Dave, Brenna, Zach, Cassie, A$ and Gretchen.  You all inspire me, pick me up, and encourage me daily!

Congratulations to the best team I have ever been a part of!

Jenn Cole '09