Monday, February 28, 2011

Living on a Prayer...No More

Prior to Go90x, I guess you could say this song sums up my approach to real estate.

Well, post G090x, I am no longer Living on a Prayer, and giving it a shot.  Now I have a plan that works!  What has Go90x taught me?  The main thing is talking on the phone isn’t THAT scary!  I have to say I am not really a phone person.  Sure I love chatting with my best girlfriend or mom or sister, but if you need something, email me!  Most of the time I will admit I see it as an intrusion when the phone rings.  Why didn’t they email?  Well, not everyone feels that way and some people actually appreciate a call! Key here, know your friends and clients and know how they communicate!

Purpose, Purpose, Purpose is my new theme.  I was a think quick, do it now while you have time person before, and that led to scattered and inconsistent results.  I have learned that having a clear purpose before carrying out the task is essential.

 Social Media is great and reminds people you are in the business but personal thoughtful details are what wins the race!

 I feel that through this program I have become not only a better Realtor, but a better friend and person.

 No More wishing and hoping for this girl, have a plan, contribute daily, and be the best because your clients deserve it!

 Thank you Kevin, Jim and all the wonderful Go Realty peeps!

Cassie Upton '11