Monday, February 28, 2011

Its the small things that make a big impact!

mail box

The above picture is my newly painted mailbox post. I wish I had taken a "before" picture to show you how unappealing it really was. What I learned from my mailbox post also correlates with what I learned from Go90X.

A. It's the small things that make a big difference. We don't have a lot of extra dough laying around to make big changes at our house right now so we had to come up with something that was small. It was so small that it actually didn't cost a penny. We had white and black paint (how nice, huh). But when it was finished it made our mailbox area look so much better than everyone else's on the street and made our house stand out a little better! In the Go90X experience- I have found that the small things that make a big difference. I really felt that I had not seen the outcome that I would have wanted but what I realized was that this time last year I had maybe 1 client- and maybe 1 potential. Now I already have 1 listing up, one coming- two buyers and I am working on another buyer couple. That is a few solid and a few potential. Almost 400-500% more than I had this time last year. Making phone calls, putting myself in front of people and being super active in the social media world I have put myself in a better position for real estate transactions. Those small things are making a big impact.

B. Around the mailbox we had planted some seeds. You can't really see it in the picture but we planted them last year and they are tulip bulbs. When we were painting yesterday we could see the leaves starting to come up. Yes almost a year later. When you plant seeds most of the time you just let them sit. But if you plant seeds and you harvest them, your harvest will grow in time. In time the outcome of your hard work will pay off. With Go90X- its not about the instant gratification, its about the long term. I am planting a lot of seeds that I will need to harvest in the next 6 months-1 year. But if I am tending to my crop- they will grow. My table will be full on thanksgiving. At least that is my goal!

C. My painted mailbox has made me enjoy my house that much more. I drove out today and thought, man I really like my house and I like that my mailbox is now pretty. With Go90X its almost like that everyday when I come into the office. Although I was coming into the office because I love the atmosphere some days I didn't find that I had much to do. Now with Go90X not only do I have a purpose coming into the office daily, I enjoy it that much more. It just seems prettier when I walk in the door.

GO Realty Girl loves Go90X and loves Go Realty.

Lindsay Alteri '10